Homes Across the Lake with Fountain

For Sale

6119-Eden-Prairie---exterior$345,296 For Sale6119 Eden PrairieRichmond, Tx 77407View Listing$345,296 For Sale$345,296 For Sale
20614 Crownstone Drive$462,490Now Available20614 Crownstone Dr.Richmond, TX 77406View Listing$462,490Now Available$462,490Now Available
20530 Delta Lake$445,813Available Now20530 Delta Lake Dr.Richmond, TX 77406View Listing$445,813Available Now$445,813Available Now
6115_CrestingKnolls_FreshInk-2$346,139Available Now6115 Cresting Knolls CircleRichmond, TX 77407View Listing$346,139Available Now$346,139Available Now

Under Construction

20611-Newstone-Drive$381,359Available Spring 201520611 Newstone DriveRIchmond, Tx 77407View Listing$381,359Available Spring 2015$381,359Available Spring 2015
20607-Newstone-Drive$383,564 Available Spring 201520607 Newstone DriveRichmond, TX 77407View Listing$383,564 Available Spring 2015$383,564 Available Spring 2015
21119BrunsonFalls$311,043 Available December 201421119 Brunson FallsRichmond, TX 77407View Listing$311,043 Available December 2014$311,043 Available December 2014
21106-Barrett-Woods$349,990Available November21106 Barrett Woods DriveRichmond, TX 77407View Listing$349,990Available November$349,990Available November
6015-Hedgepark-Drive$349,990Available November 6015 Hedgepark DriveRichmond, TX 77407View Listing$349,990Available November $349,990Available November
6007-Hedgepark-Drive294,990Available November 6007 Hedgepark DriveRichmond, TX 77407View Listing294,990Available November 294,990Available November

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