Homes Across the Lake with Fountain

For Sale

8735 Long Cross photo$467,990Available Now8735 Long Cross Dr.Richmond, TX 77406View Listing$467,990Available Now$467,990Available Now
20623 Newstone Dr[1]$457,990Available Now20623 Newstone Dr.Richmond, TX 77406View Listing$457,990Available Now$457,990Available Now
20515 Delta Lake Dr.$456,990Available Now20515 Delta Lake Dr.Richmond, TX 77406View Listing$456,990Available Now$456,990Available Now

Under Construction

6006_Hedgepark$315,071Available September 20146006 Hedgepark Dr.Fulshear, TX 77407View Listing$315,071Available September 2014$315,071Available September 2014
21031_Shelbyville$302,113Available September 201421031 Shelbyville Dr.Fulshear, TX 77407View Listing$302,113Available September 2014$302,113Available September 2014
6002_Logstone$289,990Available May 20146002 Logstone Dr.Fulshear, TX 77407View Listing$289,990Available May 2014$289,990Available May 2014
512T-D-1024$279,900Available July 201421026 Shelbyville Dr.Richmond, TX 77407View Listing$279,900Available July 2014$279,900Available July 2014
PoikylkSHPpMoJyquN_S2hYoF0nKJ4s5NUqe8DLIAEw$309,900Available June 201421015 Shelbyville Dr.Richmond, TX 77407View Listing$309,900Available June 2014$309,900Available June 2014
21014 Shelbyville$319,900Available June 201421014 Shelbyville Dr.Richmond, TX 77407View Listing$319,900Available June 2014$319,900Available June 2014

Show More Under Construction

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